Covid-19 prevention measures:

First issue: June 2020

Ground Operations Department and Passenger Services.

Preventive measures against Covid-19 while traveling on Berniq Airways fleet.

It is important to clarify that the preventive instructions reflect the information that currently available about the Coronavirus and the ways it spreads. These instructions will be updated periodically according to the changes in the information about the methods of spreading this virus and methods of treatment. Precautionary measures will be gradually reduced over time in line with the decreased risk of this virus spreading. Also, with the discovery of new and more effective preventive methods, which should be used as substitutes for the current methods.

This guide’s objective is to provide instructions for travelers by air and at airports to travel safely and securely. This depends on the correct and effective application of the instructions in this guide to protect aviation workers and travelers by reducing the risk of transmission Coronavirus infection in airports and on board by all possible means.

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The steps that the passengers on Berniq Airways will have to go through:


At the Airport:

Passengers must arrive at the airport three or four hours before departure time due to health travel procedures. Passengers will only be allowed to enter the airport and at least 4 hours before flight departure time and after a preliminary health diagnosis at the airport to be allowed to enter the departure area, they will need either to show immunity certificate or pass through a sterilizing tunnel and temperature checks as determined by the airport authorities.

The luggage will be placed in special bags that are sterilized in a committed lane.

The baggage that passengers can take with onboard in Berniq, a handbag for women, a laptop, children and infants things, and tools for people with special needs.

Seats will be assigned directly by Berniq employee that to optimize the distance between passengers.

Passengers are requested to receive the safety kit (PPE) which contains masks, gloves, and sanitizers from the airline staff before boarding the Aircraft.


While Boarding:

The boarding process will be controlled through the following procedures:

Passengers must be in the boarding area at least an hour before departure; they will need to maintain social distancing at the waiting area, and passengers will only get to the plane when they receive individual notifications either by voice announcement or on their cell phones for follow-up.

The Jet Bridge is a crowded space nowadays, where passengers stand close to each other waiting to board the plane, which will not be available in the future, as this bridge will be less crowded, with a social distance.



The cabin crew will be required to wear protective gear and check onboard that all passengers are wearing their gloves and masks; all passengers will be given packaged meals to prevent any viruses from entering the food. Passengers avoid touching the back seat screens, cash transactions will not be present, the back seat pockets will be left empty and the safety card will be attached at the back of the seat table.

There will also be sterilization of the cabin with the provision of hand sanitizer service by the crew every 30 minutes.



Arrival destination:

With the COVID-19 pandemic, things will also change upon arrival destination. Upon landing, the luggage will be sterilized before they are placed on the conveyor belt; temperature checks will also be used to identify passengers with a possible fever; By the Health Security Monitoring Team, offices will be blocked to protect officers who will check passports before entering the country.

Upon your arrival at the airport, we ask you to follow the procedures of social distancing and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks and hand gloves, with the need to do the same procedures with the children traveling with you.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, and even if things end up in the most optimistic scenarios, the post-coronavirus will not be the same as it was before the pandemic and there will undoubtedly be changes in the way passengers travel around the world.

            Berniq Airways wishes you a safe and happy trip.

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