Security Policy

Berniq Airways Security Policy Statement


Berniq airways have a formal Security Program that includes:


  1. The requirements of the civil aviation security program of the State;

  2. Applicable requirements of other states where operations are conducted;

  3. The security policy and standards of Berniq airways

Supervision and control of functions and activities associated with the Security Program;

Comply with security standards of Berniq airways and requirements of the civil aviation security program of Libya and, other relevant states.

Aviation Security Policy is to manage security as an integral part of its overall business, and developing a security culture that makes security one of Berniq airways core values.

Berniq airways encourages its staff and contractors to report inadvertent human error through the promotion of a non-punitive reporting system, with a communication process that ensures the free flow of information throughout its organization.

Berniq airways security policy is to provide the needed protection in order to enable its function, by means of keeping the safety and security of its clients, employees and equipment, in consistence with the national laws and regulations concerning the planes registered in it, via the used legislations, during the presence of the company’s planes in the national airports, or in air, and when the company’s planes are in another country’s territory, or in another range of aviation, to be comply with the regulations of the other countries.

This policy does not replace the legislations and international agreements functioning globally, the company’s policy is the promotion of security awareness and the establishment of a security culture.

Berniq airways policy will be amended according to changes and amendments issued by the, the Libyan Civil Aviation authority, ICAO, and the legislations issued from the states related to Berniq airways.

Continual improvement of the security management system; with periodic review of the policy to ensure continuing relevance to the organization


Berniq airways will ensure the security management system defines the authorities and responsibilities of management and non-management personnel as defined under the Security Program, and specifies:


  1. The levels of management with the authority to make decisions that affect the operational security;

  2. Responsibilities for ensuring security functions are performed and procedures are implemented in accordance with applicable regulations and standards of the Company


If the company security  programme is in contradiction with the national law of a country where the company is operating to  .the national law shall supersedes the company security programme

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